What is Race Clutch ?

Race Clutch is a worldwide simracing team based in France, competing in the highest level of simracing. We promote, educate and help our simracers to reach their goals and compete in international reknown competitions.

Passion in
every second

Race Clutch has already won many awards. All of them are the results of passionnate people, dedicated to their passion.

Road to 2020 is our company project. Our goal is to become by the end of 2020 fully professionnal & make a living of our passion. To reach that target, innovation is our leitmotiv in every project.

Because simracing is much more than just perform into competitions

Promote simracing, to make it accessible and understandable by everyone is one of our mission. The esportainment is a current question for everyone in that business. We bring our answer through all the events we are participating in or the ones that we organise.

Founder and owner : Richard Arnaud

"I am focusing my effort on the human side of the team. Everyone knows how to go fast. It is 99% of work & 1% of talent, and only few know how to exploit that 1% to make the difference. That’s my everyday job, to help my simracers to manage their own mind and be ready for the competitions."